Winning a carnival

So my Mom has asked me to help with the Purim carnival this weekend. She wants me to figure out the best ticket reward schedule for the carnival games. They have about 15 games, figure about 30 kids of all ages will attend, and have a number of prizes to give away. The games range from “Throw darts at a balloon”, “guess the lucky number”, to Guitar Hero and Wii Sports. I’m guessing the whole thing lasts about 4 hours, and most of the games take 30 seconds to play, with the notable exception being the video games. She wants to know what the best way to hand out the tickets will be, maximizing the value of the prizes and the fun everyone has.

I have some ideas, like tournaments, timed sessions, different prize categories, but I’d be interested in your take. How would you approach this classic game design problem?


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