Starting out

This is officially my first post, so I wanted to lay out expectations and what not.

I’ve been blogging on Facebook for quite some time now, and several of my friends and co-workers have convinced me to go public. I intend to continue writing in the same idea-meet-head dashy style that I employed over there, and I’ll be RSS feeding this onto my Facebook Notes so that my old followers out there won’t miss out. As this site develops, expect the unexpected. I’ve still got a lot of toys to play with, and I’m open to suggestions on blog names as well. This was just the best of the quick list.

As you can probably see, there are actually posts before this one. I’ve ported over some of the highlights of my previous Notes to kick this site off. Thanks for visiting, and don’t hesitate to join in the discussion.


One thought on “Starting out

  1. Dude! The facebook rss thing is surprisingly interesting… It let’s you read all your friends blogs without having to add/remove them individually. I’m auto signed up as soon as my friends start a blog — as long at they hook it into face book!

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