Some writing tips from Emily Short

The Queen of Interactive Fiction Emily Short posted some great writing tips over on her blogs.  I find IF construction fascinating, and their insights on the genre unique (as seen in Emily’s review of Portal).  Inform 7 is a great training tool if you’re an aspiring game writer, at least as a start.  The games are easy to explore too, and quite exciting and groundbreaking, a must if you haven’t tried them recently and you’ve got a few free hours.

2 thoughts on “Some writing tips from Emily Short

  1. Between the mechanics/story games discussion, the AI Director mention, and the Emily Short mention, I’m wondering how much procedural story generation – when woven in along the lines of some grander version of AI Director – would benefit from the same human effect that we see in game AI, where users will fill in human motivations/conspiracies to explain otherwise random events, e.g. Hero’s Journey starting b/c “I keep seeing that scary looking character. They’re following me! I’m going to leave town now”.

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