Things I Hope for 2009

I don’t talk much about politics or worldview here, but for those who can this New Year, indulge me.  In this great designed game, I hope for things that will break the destructive cyclical systems in our societies:

  • Obama’s network of donors becomes a independent democratic force with demonstrated political power and a internet-driven 2-way communication pipeline that ultimately grows to encompass much of the population, building a fifth branch of debate-driven government alongside non-profits and special interests.
  • The Israeli and Palestinian peoples both realize their politicians are deliberately screwing them and vote them out of office, with a strong peace mandate.
  • Stock traders realize bulls and bears are all in their heads and stabilize the world’s economy around the still-positive industries, just as popular support moves on from bubble-destined market economies and social and nationalized corporate welfare* and government subsidized job creation kicks in, alongside a free 21st century national job matching program that dramatically improves job match rates
  • Meanwhile, more people realize the dream of commercialism is an illusion of prosperity and learn to live frugally
  • And the world finally gets serious about environmental costs and threats and develops an economic system for evaluating them, causing a number of industries to look really, really bad, creating important new industry opportunities in a down economy. Oh, and simultaneously creating a whole new industry for planting a ton of new trees.
  • As profits continue to shrink, copyright and patent law gets serious and focused on solutions rather then wealth.
  • A few great games that move genre forward, including a few procedural narrative ones (*wink*)

Hey, I can hope, right?  May you have a healthy, fruitful, and creative 2009!

* (Seriously – why should stock traders and corporations pay less taxes then everyone else?  I hear you – you think your way of making money is better, and you want to make more money then everyone else.  I’m sorry, <free-marketeers>, but that’s just not a good reason.)

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