Fun: Alive

I’ve been watching this video from the Daft Punk Alive tour in 2007 over and over.  I find it fascinating.  I can’t stop watching the people.

Watching people is what I do.  At my heart, I’m ultimately an entertainer.  I make games to make people happy.  I watch people to see them react – to see them joyous.  To hear them exclaim about their experiences.  But the people I watch look more like this.  If I’m very lucky, they might even look like this.  But usually when I watch playtests, the players immediately adopt this completely focused, blank, intense, unreacting look.  They’re having fun, learning, in flow, completely absorbed.  But, as Nicole has catalogued, our suite of limited reactions is limited to the extremes of play.  Look at the crowd.  Look at the musicians, even.  This kind of revelry, of expression, is still something beyond us.  The tools at work are our tools – computers, music, graphics, marketing, money.  They’re all playing the same game.  We can bring this many people together.  But what would it take for us to make a game that got people to react like this?

Oh, and the music is good too.  Someone should mix that Street Fighter tournament with this concert.  Awesome.

Edit:  10 minutes later:  Of course,  it’s something like Top-Secret Dance off.


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