Far Cry 2: Good Design edition

Once upon a time, I wrote some criticism about Far Cry 2 that took it to task.  But there’s still quite a bit in the game to learn if you can get past the issues Clint, Far Cry 2’s Creative Director, himself expressed.  I felt it was a shame, because Clint Hocking and his design group were pushing boundaries and haven’t stopped.  We share a kinship of ideas that I’ve never expressed that Clint in particular continues to espouse and fight for that means a great deal to me.

As recompense I offer this podcast of Michael Abbot’s, an excellent approach to where Clint is coming from and why he believes that movie ‘n bomb narrative is a trap.   The conversation on players assuming roles dynamically is particularly articulate and aspirational, if it runs into the same problems without solution that have prevented it from getting popularized so far.  Normally, I find podcasts to be too slow and long for my Gen X/Y MTV-game raised brain, but this one is like sitting again at the bar at GDC, and of course featuring Borut and Manveer doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks for your work guys.  We all struggle and all fall short, within our constraints and our failures.  I certainly have.  But that doesn’t mean that the years of thought and discovery are any less important and valued to those who are listening and learning and trying to run with it.


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