Maslow’s Tribal Hierarchy

Reading my usual deluge of ideas, I came across an old one:  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

What struck me about it this time though was how closely the Hierarchy mirrored the Tribal Stages (TED) of the Tribal Leadership research:

  1. Stage One, or basic animal survival, seen through gangs and prisons
  2. Stage Two, or security of employment, seen through rejection of leadership and a culture of fear.
  3. Stage Three, self-empowerment, seen through a culture of rock stars
  4. Stage Four, and the top level of the hierarchy: creativity, acceptance of fact, seen in a team depending on each other for success.

Interestingly, Stage Five matches the top level of Maslow’s hierarchy as well – companies and teams working for the good of humanity.  In fact, it seems to match the top level better then Stage Four does, although otherwise the comparison holds.  Maybe there’s another layer to the triangle, one around social needs and good of the local community?

Regardless, I found the connection intriguing.


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