Designer Lunch Game: Mashup

Here’s another fun lunch game to push your skills (proposed by the inimitable Jeff Gates): Mashup.  Someone suggest 2 games, and players take turns building up a design that mashes the best parts of them together to make an entirely new creation.  It’s like the elevator pitch, done in reverse.  Bonus points for style and hilarity.  Even more points if someone goes “Someone really should make that”.

Some easy-to-understand examples:

  • Diablo and Bejeweled -> Puzzle Quest
  • Mario and Final Fantasy -> Mario RPG

Some choice pairings:

  • Plants vs. Zombies and Chess
  • Valve Tribute: DoTA and Half-Life
  • Blizzard Tribute: Lost Vikings and Blackthorne
  • Top Scorers: Grand Theft Auto and Zelda
  • Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress
  • Thief and Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney

But it’s more fun to make up your own, so I’ll leave you to it!


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