My Most Interesting Games of 2011

What were your top games in 2011? Consider all games eligible, board, video, card, etc, even if they didn’t come out this year. What was the most interesting game you didn’t get to play? What was the biggest non-personal innovation to your gaming this year?

Mine are here:

Most Interesting:
Minecraft.  First year I’ve really got to experience the social side of the game, and experienced the community mechanics and roles. A real revelation about social game design.

League of Legends. Serious ultra-competition. I’ve played more of it then any other game, and it’s now the largest western online game.

7 Wonders. Drafting made made accessible, while still deep.

Echo Bazaar. Game I just kept coming back to. The qualities system I find very inspiring.

Jejune Institute. I had a blast with this. The combination of city history, puzzle hunting, character drama, and good exercise was a great revelation for me, too.

Tiny Wings. A simple game I played nearly every day for months. One button done amazing well.

Most Interesting Unplayed:
Capes. I’ve read a lot of RPGs this year, and this one stood out. GM-less, simple, unlimited power level, all with an interesting system and narrative combo. Seems like a great gateway game.

Johann Sebastian Joust. Everything I’ve heard about this game sound amazing. But playing it feels like I first have to win the 6 degrees of separation game.

Biggest Innovation:
My iPad. It got me to junk my laptop, which I didn’t think would ever happen. The world is a different place now – instant on portable, light, touch sensitive, and full of new games.


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