Who is this?

My name is Dan Kline. I’ve been a Designer and AI and Game Programmer  since 2001. I’ve shipped 6 titles and have worked with companies such as Activision, Blizzard, LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics, and Midway. I was Head AI and Gameplay Engineer on Star Wars: Force Unleashed. I also designed the first two levels of Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Most recently, I finished Darkspore for Maxis.  I’m currently working at Maxis as a Designer on Simcity, where my responsibilities range from systems to UI, user testing, and new concepts.

AI engineers occupy a funky place in the classic developer hierarchy. I’ve spent much of my career thinking about the science of Game Design, game mechanics, AI, the role of “story” in games, and the procedural methods for generating stories and specialized content. I’m a deconstructionist systems designer.  I frequently think about common design problems, the construction of games, games in the marketplace, the role of games in society, and the future of games as a medium. I also do quite a bit of work in game production and management, and am a fan of Getting Things Done-style methodology. Oh, and I might talk about something else too. Design is about the world around us, after all.

If you’d like to contact me, my mail pointer address directs to dankline at sbcglobal . net.

Everything I write on this site is my opinion, and not that of my employers. In fact, it’s only even my opinion at the time I write it, and I will liberally apply the right to change my mind and even contradict myself. You accept my thoughts at your own risk, but I encourage you to think about them anyways. I will not talk about my job or my work, unless it is public knowledge or could be easily deduced from public knowledge by someone paying attention.

All works on this site copyright Daniel Kline except where noted.

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